Corporate Video Production

The amount of videos being watched online each day is over 4 billion. This number is almost half of the world population itself, and it continues to grow. If your business isn’t taking full advantage of this trend by using corporate video production to showcase products and services on its website, it is losing a large amount of potential customers.

Some of our recent videos

Corporate video production provides the extra edge that is necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. At 981 Media, we use Hollywood quality high-definition cinematic cameras for our corporate video production services. There are several types of corporate video production, and our services include all of them. Our team specializes in shooting the following:

Product Demos

Product demos are one of the many types of corporate video production services that we offer. Our product demos are interactive and will pique the interest of those viewing the video. This allows viewers to feel as if they are experiencing the product in real life. This particular type of corporate video production is bound to leave a strong impression. It also encourages viewers to look into the company and become customers.

Web Series

Our corporate video production services also include the making of web series, which involve presenting information throughout the course of multiple videos. Our web series remove the risk of posting overly long or overwhelming videos by allowing our clients to release information over a period of time with different, interconnecting videos. This keeps viewers interested while also leaving them eager for more information and encouraged to stay on the lookout for upcoming videos.

Corporate Interviews

Corporate interviews are another important aspect of our corporate video production services. Our corporate interviews create a personal connection between the business and the viewers. This fosters current customer relations and also encourages new viewers to trust the company and obtain their services.

Video Case Studies

Case studies are an essential part of our corporate video production services. Our video case studies provide compelling evidence in terms of the usefulness of a particular product. They also assure customers that the product does what is advertised. They allow viewers to see first-hand how the purchase of a product or service will benefit them.
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